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Intelligent Material Solutions Inc. is a supplier of wave shifting materials. We engineer materials that convert energy up and down within the electromagnetic spectrum. The ability to tune the size, morphology, absorption, emission and other properties allows us to create photonic crystals with an almost infinite amount of unique signatures. The crystal surface chemistry provides the capability to bind it to various proteins and antibodies. It can be added to substrates, mixed with adhesives or fibers, or applied as an ink.

To compliment the nanocrystals, we manufacture detection devices that identify and distinguish our crystals. Though the bulk of the materials we synthesize are currently being used for authentication purposes, many of our crystals are used in a variety of fields such as the life sciences, solar energy, military, telecommunications, cosmetics and many others. Our customers range from government agencies to fortune 500 companies across all industries. Some of our infrared materials are distributed by Sigma Aldrich, under the Sunstone® brand.

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