Intelligent Solutions for Agriculture
IMS has developed multiple field deployable diagnostic technologies dedicated to the agricultural health of crops and livestock.  A variety of custom field deployable diagnostic platforms are available for rapid analysis of infectious diseases, signature gases, and overall supply chain integrity.  The IMS Agricutlure Diagnostic Platforms revolves primarily around three unique technology areas.

  • Rapid, Field Deployable, Tests for detection of various chemical & biological targets of plant and livestock disease
  • Mid Infrared Sensing for Remote Analysis of various hazardous and non-hazardous gases
  • Supply Chain Management/Track and Trace

Rapid, Field Deployable Diagnostics for Crop & Livestock Health
The IMS Rapid Field Diagnostic for the Agricultural industry has been developed to provide a user friendly platform that can accurately and sensitively diagnose a variety of plant and animal pathogens within minutes.  This platform can be readily adapted for each clients specific need to detect pathogens anywhere in the supply chain, from pre-harvest to final retail and consumer level detection platforms. The field-deployable infectious disease diagnostic is based on IMS technology developed for the detection of schistosoma (tapeworm) infections in humans and was successfully demonstrated under clinical trial in Africa and Peru in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control. 

Remote Sensing of Crop Health Through Trace Gas Analysis Using Portable Sensors
An open-path quantum cascade laser-based ammonia (NH3) sensor has been developed for environmental, biomedical, and homeland security applications using an IMS detector. The figure to the upper right shows a spectral fit near 9.06 µm of the IMS detector signal for parts per trillion sensitivities. The open-path sampling configuration has many advantages: 1) increased accuracy and response time by minimizing sampling problems common with chemical/biochemical agents; 2) portability by lowering the power/size/mass requirements as a pump is not required; and 3) capability of stand-off detection as no sample cell is needed. An example of high-resolution spatial mapping of NH3 emissions from agricultural activities is demonstrated above where individual plumes are easily identified. Similar sensors have been developed for the detection of nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, acetylene, and ethylene, showing how the technology is readily adaptable for other gases.  These sensors can be mounted on UAVs, vehicles (tractors, passenger vehicles, etc.) and have detection range from 1km. 
NH3 Remote Sensing

Supply Chain Monitoring of Crops (including seeds), Fertilizers, Herbicides/Pesticides
IMS now offers a fully integrated supply chain management platform that enables entire life cycle monitoring capabilities of various agricultural products.  IMS has developed systems for the tagging and tracking of fertilizers, pesticides down to individual marking of proprietary seed stock.  More information on the IMS Integrity Platform is available under Supply Chain Management.