Authentication/Supply Chain Management

IMS provides custom authentication and supply chain management platforms protecting the integrity of vast and complex worldwide supply chains, enabling track and trace capabilities throughout the entire product life cycle.  IMS optically coded security Intelligent Materials can be incorporated into any substrate providing a covert feature that is impossible to reverse engineer, yield trillions of unique optical signatures, and can be detected at parts per billion (ppb) concentrations.  In addition to providing information regarding authenticity of a particular product or component, Intelligent Materials can be optically programmed and serialized, enabling detailed supply chain monitoring and integrity.   This technology has been used across government and industry sectors ensuring consumer safety, brand protection, and product security as well as supply chain governance and quality control.  

 IMS has provided security solutions to the following industries and government sectors:
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Monitoring
  • Government Security (Parts and Document Marking)
  • Agriculture (Pesticides, Fertilizers, etc.
  • Oil and Gas

  In addition to utilizing the platform as a supply chain monitor the technology can be readily adapted for use as a real-time, quality control measure during manufacturing of the product.  Intelligent Materials are introduced at ppb concentrations and at fixed ratios to a key product ingredient required for the customer.  The optical properties of the introduced Intelligent Material are then monitored during manufacturing ensuring uniform distribution of the highly specific blends used in some industrial manufacturing processes.  Intelligent Material Solutions has developed platforms for Global Companies and large volume consumer products establishing secure supply networks in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.  If your supply chain needs securing please contact us for a no-cost evaluation and consultation of your network.