Displays & Lighting

As our company is located in formerly RCA labs and more specifically in the facility where the black and white, color and high definition televisions were created we continue to perform groundbreaking research around novel display technologies.  We are currently developing a true 4-D display technology (3D + Time – 4D) that can be observed from all viewing angles without the need of glasses or other vision aides.  

Intelligent Material Solutions, Inc. has developed unique rare earth nanocrystals that utilize two unique wavelengths of IR light to emit.  The nanocrystals are suspended in a visibly transparent solution or substrate, upon exposure to two unique wavelengths of light that are focused on the same point of space in the nanocrystal volume.  This dual wavelength upconversion enables moving images to be generated by raster scanning the suspension. 
We have identified several industry applications for the 4D technology, outside of the general consumer market. This technology could be readily adapted for applications such as Multimedia Advertising, Air Traffic Control, 4-D Battlefield Visualization, Interactive Data Visualization, among many other exciting ideas.

Other display and lighting technologies under development at Intelligent Material Solutions, Inc. include advanced downconversion and upconversion phosphors for LED lighting and flat panel display applications.