Vision to Reality at the Speed of Light

Intelligent Material Solutions, Inc. (IMS) is an advanced materials company specializing in the synthesis, integration, and detection of rare earth crystals & nanocrystals currently utilized across government and commercial sectors.  We are commited to the development of innovative solutions for global needs and improving quality of life.IMS has developed a vast library of compositions and methods of obtaining the numerous, highly efficient crystal structures.  The platform consists of optically encoded intelligent material and paired detector capable of identifying the programmed optical codes.  The intelligent material can be incorporated into almost any substrate and is stable up to extremely high temperatures and caustic environments.  IMS has established a strong foundation across industries, identifying technological needs in each of the markets and establishing relationships with top industry and government entities who have expressed interest in commercial availability of these platforms.  We have developed technologies and provided custom solutions across multiple government and industry partners such as Authentication and Supply Chain Management, Life Sciences, Defense, Solar Energy, Lighting and Displays, among others. These materials have wide-ranging capabilities as a platform technology, providing information and/or energy where needed.